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We’ll run you through how to purchase Crypto using your credit / debit card in a matter of minutes.

We’re aware that there are many online services that allow for Card -> Crypto exchanges but for this walkthrough, we’ll be using the one integrated into our website on the left of your screen (bottom if you’re on mobile).

Step 1 – The first thing you’ll need to do, is get yourself a Cryptocurrency wallet. There are huge amounts of wallets out there but the most known, safe wallets are:

Step 2 Now that you have a wallet, you’ll want to get some crypto so you can pay for your MGOFarmz order. Make an account on the left of your screen by hitting the Pay button, where you’ll be taken to their website to make an account. You’ll then need to complete your account details such as name, billing etc.

Step 3 Now your account is ready, look how much your MGOFarmz order is in the currency you selected so we know how much you’ve got to exchange into Crypto (e.g. 0.005 BTC). Enter the amount in FIAT (e.g. 100 EUR) then it will automatically show you the amount of Crypto you’ll receive. Enter the correct amount until the returned Crypto number shows more than the amount of your MGO order (we always suggest receiving more due to network fees). If the returned Crypto is not the one you’re using to pay your MGO order with, you can simply click the bottom input box to select a different cryptocurrency to receive.

Step 4 When you’re happy with the amounts showing, you can hit the Buy button which will take you to the next step where you add and enter your credit / debit card details.

Step 5 Continue the instructions on your screen until you see order confirmed or success. Now when you see this, the Crypto should be sending from their end to your newly created wallet (if you made a new wallet).

Step 6 Now you have Crypto, it’s time to complete your MGOFarmz order. Simply send the amount of crypto shown from your wallet to payment address shown. When your Crypto reaches usually 1 confirmation, your order will be marked as paid and there is nothing else you can do. Our team will work fast to pack and ship your order for you.

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