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What payment methods are supported?

We currently accept the following cryptocurrencies: USDT (ERC20), ETH, BTC, LTC, CAKE (BSC Chain), WBTC (ETH Chain), MATIC (Polygon Chain) and BUSD (BSC Chain). We also accept Bank transfer via our Telegram bot @ https://t.me/MGOFarmz_bot

How can I buy crypto?

You can use many online services such as Changenow, Changelly and Switchere.

What does MGOFarmz stand for?

Mr Gingerz Organic Farmz

Can I track my order?

Yes you can! You’ll need either your order number and email, or just your tracking number. Head to the track order page to get started tracking.

Will my package be discreet?

Of course! We make sure that every package we ship is securely, discreetly packed to make sure no-one but us and you know what’s inside.

Do you allow refunds?

No! We DO NOT allow refunds in any way shape or form UNLESS we tell you otherwise due to a problem our end. Once you have paid the amount, there is no chance of a refund unless the issue occured our end for which we will contact you and try to solve the issue.

How do I get in touch with the team?

You can head over to our contact page and find our official Telegram account and channel. We only use Telegram for the moment so you’ll need to download it if you haven’t already got it.

How often do you get new stock in?

Our team work hard to find the newest stock from all around the world. When our sources notify us about a new product, we’re straight on it, making sure we bring it back to you guys as soon as possible! Our team also grows themselves! Taking a different variety of time to grow based on the batch, type and conditions. New stock roughly lands every week or two.

How do you confirm the THC and CBD levels?

We test our THC and CBD using the Purpl Pro which is a new, advanced, scientific technology that can intelligently work out how much moisture, THC and CBD is on the bud based on many different factors. We drop a little bit of hash or bud onto the Purpl Pro device and it will measure the levels for us via their app. You can read more about how it works at https://www.purplscientific.com/ .